Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Monday night rainy run with the Dynamo ladies

I wasn't going to run last night since I ran on Sunday and having seen the physio in the morning.  But then my husband came home from work early and I thought, if I don't take this opportunity and run tonight, I'm going to struggle to get 2 or 3 runs in this week.   So I went out to join the Dynamos at 8.

It was raining as well, so I nearly changed my mind.  The old me would have stayed on the sofa and watched TV ... I have  no idea what happened to change me... but I went anyway.

It was strangely warm in spite of the rain and it being October.  Once we got running the light rain was actually nice and cooled us down.  There was just three of us in the main run group (and loads in the beginners course!  Very impressed with those ladies - if I was a beginner I'm not sure i would have made the effort in the rain and dark.

So we set off on an easy 5k! Yeah right, its never easy.  The pace felt fast but manageable and we went a slightly different route to usual to mix it up.  Finished off at 5.8kms in 39mins.  So not that fast, but not slow either...

HOWEVER.  The hip was not happy again.  It started to niggle from 2kms.  Maybe because I'd had the physio prod, plus I had managed to do some of my exercises yesterday too ... even with a 4 year old trying to hang off me and climb under me as I held a one leg bridge!  Once we finished running it was sore for a little as I walked it off, but thankfully it is fine this morning.

A day of sitting in an all day meeting today so I will have to squeeze my exercises in this evening.

Have a good day of running all
Lisa x

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