Saturday, 3 October 2015

Fear of injury

It's Saturday night and I haven't run since last Sunday when I did the 10k race at Finsbury Park. Until Tuesday I was very stiff and sore particularly in my right hip and so I had to take it easy.  By Thursday I felt fine and wanted to run but a busy work and school and social schedule has meant I just haven't managed to.

I think this is probably for the best. My legs are now properly rested. And hopefully when I do run again in the morning my legs will be fine and I'll have no pain, aches or niggles. Fingers crossed.

The problem is that now I've signed up for this half Marathon on 22nd November I've started to feel really really paranoid about potential injury.  I've never had any problems before, but since I started to run the slightly longer training runs over August and September I'm noticing more niggles. And thankfully so far they are just niggles but I don't want them to develop into full injuries in the next 7-8 weeks.

When we ran 9 miles I had a groin twinge in my left leg from mile 7 which was fine the next day and has never bothered me since. I've had a tender left shin on and off since we started the longer runs, which funnily enough doesn't bother me when I'm running but is very tight and sore for the day after a run. And then after my 10km run - the right hip and upper outer thigh was making me limp. 

So, possibly prematurely I am going to see a physiotherapist on Monday. I would rather have his assessment before I start the long runs up again, and hopefully prevent anything getting worse. He was recommended by a running friend and he (the physio) is a sport and running specialist. Let's see how that goes!

Before then though I'm really looking forward to tomorrow. My morning of runs is beginning at 9.30am with my little boy at Junior Parkrun and then I'm meeting my running buddy for a 45 minute run. 

Will report back!
Lisa x

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