Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Love run run! Run report 26/10/15

Last night I went out for a run with some of the Dynamo girls and we ran just shy of 9kms and I flipping loved every step!  Hooray!  Such a relief after the tough long run last Friday.

The course makes a big difference - we ran a different route that I haven't run before, so it was interesting to see different things and have the element of surprise, plus the course was pretty flat, a couple of very slight barely noticeable inclines and some great downhills.  Compared to the very hilly route I ran last Friday it felt so much easier running on the flat.

The people make a huge difference - we ran and chatted, talked about other runs, other races, our families, what we were doing for half term, about the film 2 of us saw last week, about the restaurants and bars we were running past, etc etc.  It made the time go quickly.

And the pace makes a difference - yes! It's all about the pace!  We didn't race, we were running at a pace where we could chat so it felt manageable and not too hard work.  Just had a nice little race/sprint for the last 200 metres.  Also great fun!

In the end when I reviewed my stats we hadn't actually run too slowly, averaged 7 minutes per kilometre, which is a good 10km pace for me and shows me that my fitness and pace is improving, I've just been unlucky to run my races this year on some really really tough hilly all terrain courses, which slowed me down.

My glute muscles did feel very tight by the end and again this morning, but no pain, so feeling positive that the old hip niggles are calming down too.

Love love love running today.

Hooray. back on track.  3 weeks 5 days! Waaaaaaaaaaaa

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