Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Back in training

Well it's been a long time and I've still been pootling along with my running, mostly short 5-6km runs with various groups and a couple of 10km trail races (one which was hilariously muddy and slippy and more like a walk/slide than a run!). Nothing challenging, but keeping going.

And now I'm back on the half marathon trail.

As well as the Royal Parks Half in October which I got in to (happily) via the ballot earlier this year, I'm now signed up for the Isle of Man Half in August (to coincide with a visit to family).

So far so good. It's early days. I've done a 7mile long run and a 7.5-8m long run (my tracker failed, so not sure exactly how far I ran!), the last 2 Sundays.   Also a good parkrun last weekend where I pushed myself faster - not up to PB level but managed my fastest time so far this year.

I've also taken up pilates and started doing the occasional circuit class to help make me stronger and fitter.  

Soooo not exactly my plan to focus on getting faster at 5kms this year... but at least having the halve's in sight keeps me focused.  This weekend I'm running the 10km race for life in Milton Keynes, to support my friend - it's her first 10k!

Keep going keep going.

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