Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Great run and runners high

Last night I went out with my Dynamo girls ... And thank goodness I did as it was a great run and really pumped me up again after the hideous experience on Sunday. 

Today (day after) I'm happy and sore and I like it!!! Hahaha isn't it silly? I like that post (hard) run leg soreness so you know you've really used your body. 

I almost didn't make it as the boy was in bed and I was waiting for husband to get home and he was late! I had to text the girls to ask them to wait then drive like a demon and break the law a little to get to them as fast as I could. 

So we ran a nice flat 9km route in one hour, and I enjoyed every bit of it, and really felt strong while running. I didn't let my little demon voices talk me out of it, I remained positive and pushed myself speed wise as much as I could.

I even had a good 100m or so sprint finish which always makes my happy endorphins flood through. All in all a cracker.

Loved it. Loved it. Reminds me why I love running when I have a good one like this!

Best of all - I slept like a log! A good run always makes me sleep well. I look forward to post Monday Dynamo run sleeps lol!


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