Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Simple strength training at home for runners

2.5 years into my running journey and 2.5 years of saying that I have no time to exercise I have finally accepted that if I want to get better at running and, crucially, stay injury free, I need to do some other form of exercise to develop the muscles I use for running.
I've read lots of running magazines and put myself together the following little routine. It takes me about 10- 20 minutes (I don't do all of it every time - so adapt to suit the day) and I try to do at least 1 or two of these each day as a minimum. Perhaps a few leg raises and donkey kicks just before I have a shower or a few squats while I'm boiling the kettle etc.
Any serious runner would do something a lot more intensively and seriously but let's be honest, some days I don't have time to brush my hair!
You don't need any equipment and you won't get particularly sweaty so you could even do it while the kids play (my little boy likes to join in!) or while you've got half an eye on the tv!
So if like me you are time poor, and have a jelly belly from baby bearing ...  but want to do some strength exercises to help with running...  here's a few things to try out...
PS you tube has some other good work out examples - a good place to look up if you don't know what these names mean as well.

Classic Plank 15s (build up to 30s) and build up to repeating this.
Lie on side - side leg raises (15-20 each leg) (either straight leg straight up or bent leg scissor motion)

Donkey kicks (15-20 each leg) 

Bird dog (15-20 each leg) yeah I had to look this one up to. Might take practice as you need a little balance too!
Squats 10, rest and repeat, build up to more reps  (add arm raises when confident) 

Lunges (15-20 each leg) (add arm raises when confident)

Russian  twists (15 -20) - this is also really nice for rolling out a slightly stiff lower back.

What others would you recommend that are quick, easy and need no equipment?

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